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17 Jan

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The Way People Think Things Are

17 Jan

The Way People Thinks Things Are

Carpool Woes

17 Jan

Dear Readers,

I just stumbled upon a blog post by The Random Ramblings of Danielle.  It’s titled “I’m Complaining” and about how her neighbor asks for a lift to school every day.  Now, the problem is that the neighbor is inconsiderate about her and her time.  Instead of helping brush off the car in the winter, she sits in the warmth of the car and is constantly late.

pool it

Picture from Wikipedia – Carpool

TLC has a great article on “6 Carpool Tips You Need To Know” and I would suggest reading this.  Even if it’s a friendly “carpool”, guidelines and rules for carpooling are important so that no one feels taken advantage of in a situation that is supposed to benefit each member of the carpool.  So, even if you are two people going to work every day, make sure the rules are set so there’s no stepping over the line.

Do you have any horror stories about carpooling?

Tell us all about it!


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